Daniel Wolstencroft is a founder member of Empower The Invisible Project and founder of Shatterboys UK, a peer support and campaign group for male survivors. He campaigns to expose those who have failed survivors, so that lessons can be learned and people can be held accountable.

His aim is to change society's attitudes and to encourage more open conversation about child sexual abuse; in particular he campaigns for parents and guardians to teach children ‘body safety education’ and to talk openly with their children about personal boundaries.

Daniel also delivers training to professionals such as the police and social workers in order to raise awareness of child sexual abuse issues.

Daniel has previously worked with young people as a drug and youth worker and then became involved in street outreach work with young male sex workers. He has also provided emotional support and group work at a trauma service in Manchester.

Daniel was previously a consultant for the Independenent inquiry Into Childhood hood sexual Abuse https://www.iicsa.org.uk/about-us/who-we-are/daniel-wolstencroft and now works with a charity that engages with young people to lower anti social behaviour.

Daniel uses his recovery from childhood trauma and drug addiction publicly so the invisible can empower themselves and gain strength from his and many others experiences who maintain there recovery.