"Passion for making a change & supporting others"

We were borne from the ideas of people with lived experience of childhood sexual abuse who wanted to change the lack of support and also the lack of understanding from some professionals about how trauma in childhood in particular childhood sexual abuse impacts on the life of those affected and  Empower the Invisible's Project was set up. We had no funds just our passion for making change and supporting others. With all these ideas in mind, one of the co-founders turned to the wider recovery community and sourced seed funding.


The funding provided has allowed the C.I.C. to grow at a much quicker pace than we could have hoped for and it means that we can do more voluntary peer support groups for the community not only in Lancashire but further afield.


With the seed funding, we have been able to purchase equipment, attend conferences that we can learn from and also reimburse volunteer expenses. We have also been able to fund launch events for the Invisible Exhibition that raises not only awareness but the profile of the C.I.C. and it has already changed lives and promoted sustainable recovery.


We are now attracting further funding from other sources and this means that our work can continue long term.


Rose Latham

Daniel Wolstencroft


We would also like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Clive Grunshaw Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner for the grant he has provided for us to expand our project. This funding ensures that not only can we open additional peer support groups but we can secure the longevity of them and this enables to assist other adults with trauma-related issues around non-recent childhood sexual abuse.