Paul Humphreys Is the first Recovery Champion of Empower The Invisible Project for the #HoodsDown groups. Having attended over thirty mixed-sex peer recovery groups he has battled his trauma and embarked upon a truly authentic journey of recovery which he has shown an immense amount of courage and dignity to overcome the impacts of non-recent childhood sexual abuse. 

Despite exhibiting symptoms of CPTSD, clinical depression, anxiety, and hypervigilance Paul has never lost hope that he would recover and empower others to do so. Paul is inspiring others by sharing his recovery path and his lived experience of sexual physical and mental abuse by adults and his peers when in the care of his local authority at a residential school setting from 7-15 years of age. In 2016 Paul disclosed to Greater Manchester police and this caused him to have a mental breakdown resulting in over one year of sick leave from his employment.

Paul is now back at work and enjoying life with a great new positive mental outlook. He now fights for sexual abuse victims and inspires them to speak out and seek help passing on his recovery plan and strategies to inspire and empower others to find and sustain their own recovery. Empower the Invisible Project co-founders Rose and Dan are proud and privileged to welcome Paul as our first recovery champion and are honoured to witness his amazing recovery.