Rosie Latham is a founder member of Empower The Invisible Project. She spent most of her childhood living in fear in an abusive home. Violence and sexual abuse were the norm for her and in her own words "she went off the rails in her teens". Rosie was excluded from mainstream school and as a consequence left school with no formal qualifications. 

Rosie first reported her abuser in the late 80s and was disbelieved by the police and her abuse was allowed to continue unchecked. This left her very distrustful of authority figures and her caregivers as she was branded a liar and a trouble maker.

Throughout her adult life, she attempted to engage in therapy but her experiences were so ingrained she found it hard to trust professionals so lived with her trauma and tried her best to put her past behind her. 

Rosie re-entered education in her 30s and completed an Access to Learning course at her local college. Her tutors recognised her academic abilities and nominated her to the Helena Kennedy Foundation for an award and a bursary to encourage her to apply to university. She successfully graduated in 2010 with a BA(Hons) Law with Psychology. Following this, she gained employment in the substance misuse recovery field and gained a further qualification as a Recovery Coach. 

In 2014 Rosie left her job role to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher and gained her PGCE in 2016. Throughout her time completing her PGCE she volunteered as a tutor for the recovery community and was also a volunteer counsellor at ChildLine completing 472 volunteer counselling hours to some of the vulnerable young people in society.

In 2016 alongside her sister she decided to once again report her abuser and after a lengthy investigation taking over a year, she was informed that no charges would be brought unless further evidence came to light. This set Rosie on her road to recovery from the years of abuse and trauma and she embarked on a long engagement with a traumatic stress service and now proudly declares that she is free from the symptoms of the Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder she was diagnosed with.

She is a strong campaigner for adults who are still dealing with their trauma due to a severe lack of adequate provision and has spoken at local and national levels about her own lived experiences. More recently she has participated in research for the NHS and also Kings College in London and is soon to start co-delivering training and education to PhD students at a prestigious university alongside her therapy team; not as a client but as a fellow professional.

Rosie is married to her husband of 20 years she is a proud mother and nana and knows only too well the impact the trauma of surviving childhood sexual abuse has on the family and also on friendships and is an advocate for support for everyone affected; not just for the individual with the lived experience of abuse as the ripple effects can cause a lifetime of pain for all.

"Rosemarie Latham is an expert by lived experience in the relationship between Substance Use Disorders and Childhood Trauma. We are all recognising that traumas (cf Adverse Childhood Experiences etc) are the driving force behind some of the most entrenched forms of Substance Use Disorders. But, what do we do? How do we deal with this in our treatment and recovery services? Rosemarie is a woman with answers to these questions. If you need a consultant in this area I highly recommend you contact Rosemarie Latham."   Mark Gilman Managing Director at Discovering Health

"Rosemarie is quite possibly the most inspirational, authentic and compassionate public speaker I have ever heard. I can testify to having heard literally thousands of peoples stories, all real and all authentic but Rosemaries delivery, insight, determination and articulation of strength over severe adversity is one I will never forget. Rosemarie is a very special individual, it is a joy to have been touched a little by her life."   Annemarie Ward CEO Faces and Voices of Recovery 


Daniel Wolstencroft is a founder member of Empower The Invisible Project and founder of Shatterboys UK, a peer support and campaign group for male survivors. He campaigns to expose those who have failed survivors so that lessons can be learned and people can be held accountable.

His aim is to change society's attitudes and to encourage more open conversations about child sex abuse; in particular, the campaigns for parents and guardians to teach children ‘body safety education’ and to talk openly with their children about personal boundaries.

Daniel also delivers training to professionals such as the police and social workers in order to raise awareness of child sexual abuse issues.

Daniel has previously worked with young people as a drug and youth worker and then became involved in street outreach work with young male sex workers. He has also provided emotional support and group work at a trauma service in Manchester.

Daniel was previously a consultant for the Independent Inquiry Into Childhood sexual abuse and now works with a charity that engages with young people to lower anti-social behaviour.

Daniel uses his recovery from childhood trauma and drug addiction publicly so the invisible can empower themselves and gain strength from his and many others experiences who maintain there recovery.

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